Extension Classes

In addition to GFA (Gym For All) classes, we have a range of classes for gymnasts who wish to expand their skills. Some of these are by trial or invitation - this is not intended to exclude anyone but rather to ensure the right skill level or level of commitment required.

Details of each class and the requirements are shown below. If you have any questions or are interested in any of these classes please email us or speak to one of our coaches if you currently attend a class.



Tumbling is a program to assist gymnasts improve their Acrobatic and Aerial skills. Level 1 is has a focus of building the basic skills required to be an effective Tumbler. Level 3 is by trial (see Entry Criteria below) and caters to students who have achieved basic tumbling skills with the view to advancing them. Level 2 & 3 students will also be offered the opportunity to participate in interclub Competitions if they wish (GFA Competition class is not required for Tumbling competitions). 

Adult Tumble is targeted at 16+ athletes who have some experience in Gymnastics. This will be a coached session however athletes are required to sign a contract and take responsibility for their own welfare.


TeamGym is a new concept to the New Zealand Gymnastics scene. It has been very popular in other countries for quite some time, particularly Denmark. The apparatus used have been chosen to make this an accessible option even for small clubs. The program is targeted at General Gymnastics Athletes and is designed to cater for all ages. Our teams participate in interclub competitions around the Waikato/BOP region. 

This program offers extension to our more experienced athletes. We run trials at the beginning of each season. Entry criteria information can be found below.


 Gym Strada:

This programme combines Display Gymnastics, TeamGym and Tumbling skills. It is a non-competitive option for students who want the excitement of these programs without the need to commit to a competition schedule. 

Free Style Gymnastics:

The central principle is that one should express oneself by moving fluidly in one's environment; there are no limitations on the form of this movement. At an introductory level student will work on strength, balance and flexibility. They will also be given opportunities to work outside their comfort zones to build confidence and agility.


 Adult Gym fit:

This program utilizes Gymnastics training principals, the aim is to support participants in gaining an edge in their chosen sport. The focus will be on:                  

* Strength

* Fitness

* Flexibility     

* Joint stability

* Injury prevention

MAG / WAG Artistic

Women’s and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics is a competitive stream that competes in regional and potentially national competitions. It is important that children entering this stream have some physical prerequisites: good joint mobility in shoulders and hips and have good natural body tension. Students who reach the required skill level will be invited to join a competitive squad. Details of entry criteria are below.

Gymnasts selected to enter a competitive squad will need to attend a minimum of 4 hours per week and commit to participating in a minimum of three competitions around the Waikato per season. There would also be additional costs such as a uniform (Club Leotard/Unitard and Tracksuit) and competition entry fees.