How do I register or re-enrol?

Registrations and enrolments can be done online here

Why can't I register – why is it saying the class is full?

Each class has a capped number of members, based on the type of class and age range of the gymnasts in that class. It is our aim to ensure no-one misses out wherever possible so we endeavour to open new classes as the need arises. You may be placed on a waitlist until there are enough enrolments to open a new class.


Can I register part way through a term?

Yes, you are welcome to join even if the term has already started. If the registrations are showing as closed please email the club advising which class you are wishing to enrol in.


Do I need to re-enrol each term?

Yes – enrolments DO NOT carry over each term. Some members have other commitments in certain terms (eg athletics) and this allows you some flexibility to enrol as suits you.

The exception to this is the Invitation-Only classes (TeamGym, Tumbling 3 and MAG/WAG) - we re-enrol each term on your behalf. If you are in one of these classes and do not wish to return in the following term please email the club to advise.


Why can’t I register into an Invitation-Only class?

The Invitation-Only classes are extension classes to further develop our gymnasts and therefore not open for general enrolment. This does not mean new members are not eligible to join, however you need to demonstrate the appropriate level of skill. If you are interested in one of these classes please email the club.

Why can't I register - why won't the system let me proceed?

Ensure that ALL fields are filled in.  

You must include a contact email and phone number for the primary caregiver/parent + another emergency contact person and phone number.  

Please DO NOT enter your email address under your childs details.   Please ensure you enter your email address correctly.  If you complete the registration correctly you should receive an email within 1-2 days advising you of your log-in for the system, and an invoice for the class your child has been enrolled in.  This allows you to update/correct details and re-enrol for further terms as enrolments open.

How do I order a uniform? 

Go to the Shop Now page on our website, for sizing see our Uniform Sizing page

How do I make a payment?

Our bank account number is 03-1568-0041862-00

Please use this account for term fees, birthday party bookings and uniform payments. Ensure you add your child's name and what the payment is for so we can accurately record it. Thanks!