Date Posted
12th Sep 2021

Alert Level 2 Update

Thank you all for being so patient and waiting for the committee to update you all on what Alert Level 2 means for our gymnasts. Level 2 Delta has thrown some big curve balls - the biggest one being that we have to have 2 metres distancing between every gymnast.
To operate under this rule and to keep all our gymnasts safe (as our coaches are unable to spot/physically assist anyone), we have decided that only our competitive classes will safely be able to run due to their small class numbers and experience of the gymnasts. Training times will be different to usual to accommodate reduced class sizes. Parents of these classes will receive an email outlining the class schedule and rules for Level 2 Delta, these are as follows:

  • Please drop gymnasts off outside the gym and allow them to walk themselves in. Please don’t walk them to the door, this creates unneeded congestion.
  • If you do need to communicate with coaches please do so via email or FB messenger.
  • If it is urgent that you enter the building you must scan in and wear a mask.
  • For pick up please wait in the car park area - do not approach the door. A coach (in a mask) will be stationed at the door and will let your child know that you are there and send them out to you.
  • All equipment will be sanitised before and after classes. 
  • Each gymnasts will be asked to wash and sanitise their hands as they enter the gym.

We wish we could have all classes return straight away but at this stage we feel it isn’t safe until we reach Alert Level 1.
For the classes that aren’t returning yet we will be crediting the weeks that we are closed onto your term 4 invoice.
If you have any questions please contact the committee via email or FB messenger and we will endeavour to answer them as soon as we can.
Please stay safe everyone and be kind to each other. Together we can beat this Delta strain just like we did the first one!!
Kind regards

CGC Committee