Date Posted
22nd Sep 2018

September Update - Important Info please read


22nd September 2018

We thank you for your patience while we make the move to our new venue. It’s an exciting move for the club, but different to start with and we do appreciate this.  Next week (last week of term 25th, 26th and 27th September) we shall have our existing classes held at the new venue, but please bear with us with us as we make it a great space for us! It’s not complete yet but it does mean we are able to offer earlier classes and no packing away of all the gear each night, which we believe is really important to everyone.

NEW HALL VENUE: is 187 Shakespeare Street, in the back half of the hall. Inferno are in the front and it’s right next to the BP station and the public toilets.

PARKING: Please park out the front on and around Shakespeare Street. The entrance is down the drive on the left of the building.

MAP: please find map here:

Badges and certificates – Kiwi Gym Fun and Incentive award badges will all be handed out this week in your usual class.

New members will be able to enrol from the 2nd to the 9th October. If you have not yet enrolled for Term 4 please check your profile to make sure you have enrolled. Once new members enrol into the remaining spaces we won’t be able to guarantee a space even if you have been coming for years.