Uniform Sizing

Our club uniform makes our children look smart as well as giving them a sense of pride and belonging in the club. It also ensures that the appropriate attire is worn for safety purposes.  All children attending GFA classes and competitions must be in uniform, it is optional for extension classes such as Tumbling etc.

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We have moved to a unisex sleeveless unitard which will provide a better fit, be cooler in the warmer weather, and eliminate the need to add pants. There is also the option of a unisex singlet top, which is the same as the unitard but stops at the waist and gymnasts can wear their own plain black pants or leggings with it. A plain black or lime green long sleeve top can be worn under both options during winter if desired.

Both the unitard and singlet top are unisex for boys and girls, providing more flexibility for parents. There is different sizing for girls and boys which you can view in the sizing chart below.

This uniform can be worn to all of our recreational classes, such as GFA, Tumbling, Free Style etc.  It is not a requirement or expectation that preschool or adult classes purchase a uniform, although you are welcome to do so.

Members who have the older style uniform are very welcome to continue wearing it until they grow out of it - it is NOT a requirement to upgrade until you are ready to do so!

If you are waiting for your uniform to arrive please make sure your child wears something that is tight fitting, with no belts, zips or buckles. Please make sure long hair is tied back and no jewellery. 


We also have a club hoodie. These are an optional uniform item which can be worn to class (for warm up), competitions and any time outside of gymnastics. Parents can get in on this too!

Kids and adult sizes available.


Sizes 6, 8, 10, 12    

Sizes <6 and >12  POA
Sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 $66
Sizes <6 and >12   POA
All sizes $55

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Second hand uniforms

The club will not be directly involved in the sale & purchase of second hand uniforms, please post on our Facebook page if you are looking to buy or sell.